I know people may call me a racist for saying this but it needs to be said

If black people don’t want to be segregated from white people, why do they have their own history month? Why are there still black colleges? We’re still segregating them.

And how come only white people need more diversity? When was the last time you heard someone say a Latino community needed more diversity? Or an Asian community?

Why are we still considering black people minorities when the birth rate of black people is higher than the birth rate of white people?

And why is it frowned upon to call someone “black” but it isn’t frowned upon to call someone “white”? Why does the term “African-American” even exist, when not all blacks are African? Jamaica isn’t in Africa.

Personally, when I get close to people, I forget what race they are and even what gender they are, sometimes. All I care about is who you are. Not trying to sound arrogant here, but I really don’t care what your race is. Or what gender you are. Or what religion you are.

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    With your ignorance? Absolutely!
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    It’s an attempt to force compassion from the whites that do not share your beliefs. Simply not enough whites regard...
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    Do you have a problem?
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    ^ I agree. I feel like they had a place when we were getting past some of the worst of our history, but now I think we...
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    They’re still minorities in lots of places and the history month makes sense because that stuff often doesn’t get taught...
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    There are many things wrong with this post but I’m too lazy to point all of them out, hopefully someone will come and...
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    Right, I was gonna explain why this has all kinds of problems but It seems like plenty of others have done the same and...
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    Holy shit this is so fucking hilarious I can’t…
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    Will this work
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    Every month is white history month, because history is written by the victors and oppressors in power.Clearly you don’t...
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